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Rental Car Information & Auto Insurance

Rental Car Tips on Automobile Insurance in New York State

Tips on Automobile Insurance

Many rental car customers are still confused regarding their rights and responsibilities under the laws in New York State.

Tips for New York drivers renting a vehicle:

  1. You are covered for damage or loss to your rented vehicle by your private passenger automobile insurance policy.
  2. Rental car companies are not permitted to "block" your credit card if you decline to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver.
  3. Inspect your vehicle carefully before leaving the lot. Make sure the rental car company has a record of any pre-existing damages.
  4. If you damage your rental vehicle, notify your insurer immediately to give them time to inspect the vehicle.
  5. Do not allow a rental car company to charge any vehicle damages to your credit card. Insist that they bill you directly or contact your insurance company.
  6. Charging your rental vehicle on a major credit card may also provide you with necessary coverage. Check with your credit card company.
  7. An insurer can deny coverage for a loss that results from an intentional or irresponsible act.