Umbrella Coverage: Liability Insurance Definition and Information

Definitions & Info

Umbrella coverage is an extra layer of Personal Liability Protection above what your Automobile or Homeowner Liability limits cover.

The Protection Provided:

  • Offers up to $1,000,000 additional coverage beyond personal liability insurance that you ordinarily carry;
  • Protects you and your family by making payments of judgment against you resulting from personal activities;
  • Covers Automobile and Watercrafts worldwide; and,
  • Legal defense costs, in addition to indemnity, are covered in many areas where there is no underlying coverage.

Who needs it?

As long as you earn a livelihood, you should have an Umbrella policy. Contact your agent to find out how surprisingly affordable this added protection can be. You'll understand why you can't afford to be without it. We, at NYCM Insurance, feel that Umbrella coverage is a valuable asset which provides completed protection for all of our insureds.

Limits/Underlying Limits

Underlying Coverages

In order to provide an Umbrella policy for the insured, NYCM Insurance requires that all personal underlying coverages (automobiles, homes, rentals, and recreational vehicles owned by an insured) must be written with us.

Minimum Required Underlying Limits

(A) Personal Liability Watercraft

  • $100,000 CSL each occurence
  • $100,000 CSL for sailboats less than 26 feet and outboards less than 25 H.P.
  • $300,000 CSL for all other boats

Permitted Incidental Office Occupancy

  • $300,000 CSL each occurence

Business Pursuits

  • $300,000 CSL each occurence

Recreational Vehicle

  • $300,000 CSL each occurence
  • $250,000 each person — B.I.
  • $500,000 each occurence — B.I.
  • $100,000 each occurence — P.D.

(B) Auto Liability

  • $300,000 CSL each occurence
  • $250,000 each person — B.I.
  • $500,000 each occurence — B.I.
  • $100,000 each occurence — P.D.

Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (SUM)

  • If accepted, limits must be the same as auto liability limits.


New York Central Mutual offers a one, two, three, four or five million dollar Personal Umbrella policy.


Receive additional discounts on your Automobile and Homeowner policies that are linked to your umbrella policy.

  • Homeowner Discount with Auto and Umbrella 20%
  • Automobile Discount with Homeowner and Umbrella 15%


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