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Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Multipolicy Discount

The Multipolicy Discount is applicable to Homeowner policies when NYCM Insurance also carries the Automobile policy for the named insured. An additional discount is available if NYCM Insurance also carries the Umbrella policy.

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Home Buyer Discount

This discount will apply when the home is purchased on the original effective date or during the 12 months prior to the original effective date of the policy. The Insured does NOT have to be a first time home buyer.

Work from Home Discount

Named insureds who work from home may be eligible for a 5% Work from Home Discount. To qualify:

  1. A) Must be a named insured on the policy; and
  2. B) Must work within the household a minimum of 20 hours per week for an employer.
  3. C) This discount cannot be applied if the Retirement Discount is applicable.

Retirement Discount

To qualify for the discount, all of the named insureds must be age 55 or older; and:

  1. A) One of the named insureds or spouse (if resident of the same household) are not presently employed full time (defined as 20 or more hours per week) or actively seeking gainful employment.
  2. B) The insured premises is the primary residence of the insured and occupied at least ten months of the year.
  3. C) The insured dwelling must be insured to value.

Renovation Discount

These discounts can be applied to homes that are at least 20 years old. To qualify:

  1. A) The roof must have proof of purchase and installation.
  2. B) The primary heating source must have been replaced within the last 10 years and have proof of purchase and installation.
  3. C) The discount will apply for 20 years from the installation date.

Claim Free Discount

The discount is applied when the risk has been claim free for five consecutive years. If you qualify, you receive a 10% Discount.

Green Discount

A green discount of 5% will apply if proof of certification is provided that the building has been certified as Green by the US Green Building Council LEED for homes rating system, or meets the requirements of the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Guidelines (NAHB).

Gated Community Discount

This discount is applicable to Homeowner policies where the insured premises is within a gated community. A gated community is a subdivision or neighborhood, often surrounded by a barrier, to which entry is restricted to residents and their guests.

Protective Device Discount

Approved and properly maintained installations of burglar alarms, fire alarms, automatic sprinklers, water alert systems, temperature alert systems, portable or automatic generators, dead bolts and fire extinguishers in the dwelling may qualify for a premium credit.

Fire Alarm Credits

  • Professionally Monitored
  • Self-Monitored (Smart Home)
  • Fire Department
  • Local Fire Alarm

Burglar Alarm Credits

  • Professionally Monitored
  • Self-Monitored (Smart Home)
  • Police Station
  • Local Burglar Alarm
  • Deadbolts

Power Restoration Credits

  • Automatic Generator
  • Portable Generator

Water Alert Credits

  • Professionally Monitored
  • Dial Out
  • Water Detection and Shutoff (Smart Home)

Temperature Alert Credits

  • Professionally Monitored
  • Dial Out
  • Self-Monitored (Smart Home)

Fire Mitigation Credits

  • Auto Sprinklers in all areas
  • Auto Sprinklers with Exceptions
  • Fire Extinguisher

Each location will be allowed to receive one credit from each category.

Please be advised that availability of discounts and credits may vary based on program, underwriting guidelines and other eligibility requirements. Not all credits and discounts will apply. If you have specific questions about eligibility requirements we encourage you to contact your independent agent.