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Automobile Insurance: Stolen Vehicles

Top Ten Stolen Vehicles

The top ten automobiles stolen in New York State in 2013 were:

  1. Honda Civic - 1998
  2. Honda Accord - 1996
  3. Dodge Caravan - 2000
  4. Toyota Camry - 2011
  5. Nissan Maxima - 2000
  1. Nissan Altima - 2013
  2. Ford Econoline E350 - 2011
  3. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee - 2002
  4. Toyota Corolla - 2010
  5. Ford Econoline E250 - 2013

After a slight increase in 2012, the FBI predicts a reduction in national vehicle thefts of 3.2 percent when final 2013 statistics are released later this year. The peak year for vehicle thefts was 1991 with 1,661,738. If the FBI's preliminary 2013 vehicle theft estimate holds, thefts will be under 700,000—a number not seen since 1967 and a reduction in vehicle thefts of over 50 percent since 1991.

"The drop in thefts is good news for all of us," said NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle. "But it still amounts to a vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds and losses of over $4 billion a year. That's why we applaud the vehicle manufacturers for their efforts to improve anti-theft technology and pledge to continue to work with our insurance company members and law enforcement to identify and seek vigorous prosecution of the organized criminal rings responsible for so many of these thefts." Nonetheless, drivers must still be vigilant and protect their vehicles from theft. NICB recommends its four "layers of protection" against theft.

If your auto is not on the top ten stolen vehicle list, be thankful.  However, choosing to ignore simple safety measures could open an invitation to theft.  Here are a few guidelines to keep your vehicle safe:

  • Remove the keys from the ignition
  • Close the car windows
  • Lock the car doors
  • Park in a well lit area
  • Remove the garage door opener from the car-there is no better way to welcome thieves into your home.
  • Purchase and use anti-theft devices to protect your automobile. Save money by checking with your insurance company to see if they offer a discount on your automobile insurance policy for a vehicle that is equipped with an anti-theft device.

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