Our COVID-19 Response

At NYCM Insurance, we're committed to the health and safety of our entire ecosystem and are taking measured steps to do all that we can to extend care to our customers, agents, employees and communities at large.

How We Are Caring for Our Policyholders

Premium Giveback

We understand that times are tough and that finances are weighing heavily on the minds of many. We want to do our part. To help our insureds during this time of need, we will be issuing a 15 percent credit on April and May auto premiums to our 230,000 auto policyholders, as of April 30, 2020. Customers will not be required to do anything to receive this credit. It will be mailed to the address listed on their policy. For more information, read our press release.

Payment Options

To better assist our customers that are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 our Customer Service Team is available by calling 800-234-6926. We will work with you to explore flexible payment options that fit your unique situation.

Digital Service, 24/7

We understand that questions and concerns do not run on a schedule; that's why our customer service team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call at anytime at 800-234-6926. Additionally, our My Account platform is available to all customers and is designed to make managing your policy easy and convenient. Create an account so that you can manage your payments online, stay informed on important policy and claims updates, and view your policy ID cards.

Adjusting Our Customer Experience

Our Claims teams are fully prepared to continue to service all of your claims needs. We will work with you using digital tools to assess the damage to your home or vehicle, allowing you to get back to normal as soon as possible. Additionally, homeowner inspections will be ordered as a drive-by, eliminating the need for physical interaction. Customers will be notified of the inspection from a phone call prior to the visit. The inspector will take photos of the front and back of the home as well as any additional structures.

Vehicle Inspections

As of July 6, 2020 we will resume vehicle inspections for newly added vehicles. This process can be completed by your agent or by any authorized CARCO inspection site. Before visiting a CARCO location, please verify availability and acknowledge inspection guidelines at www.carcogroup.com.

How We Are Supporting Our Team

Continued Compensation

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued and will continue to compensate our 850+ employees. Our employees-first mindset has always been our guiding light and by ensuring the health of our NYCM family we are ensuring our ability to provide care to our customers in turn.

Working from the Comfort of Home

To prioritize safety, the vast majority of our employees are working from the comfort of their home. This allows our team to practice social distancing while also caring for their family members who may have found themselves sent home from school or out of a job. We are constantly monitoring state-wide updates and will adjust our move back to our offices accordingly.

Safer Grocery Shopping

To lessen our employees' time spent in public spaces, we have transitioned our on-site café in Edmeston, NY to a drive-through pop-up supermarket. Employees from our Edmeston and Sherburne offices are encouraged to shop the supermarket twice a week for much-needed supplies for themselves and their families.

How We Are Looking out for Our Communities

Sending Help Where It's Needed Most

Community has always been at the heart of everything we do. We have grown from humble roots and have never lost sight of that. To support our local communities, we have made a handful of donations to food banks and medical centers across New York State.


A number of our teammates have been sewing masks and donating them to those in need of personal protective equipment. Others have been assisting in food bank operations to continue feeding our local communities.

Giving Back Through Our Employees

To help our employees make a difference in their local communities, we provided all of our team members with a check to make a positive difference; whether that be keeping it for themselves to support their families, making a donation to a local hospital or charity, or passing it along to friends and neighbors who have found themselves on tough times.

Providing Inspiration and Encouragement to Those Who Could Use a Helping Hand and a Reason to Smile

We are consistently publishing content on our blog geared towards making your social distancing experience more manageable. For inspiration and tips on working from home, social distancing with children and staying active outside the gym, visit our blog.

We recognize that the situation is ever-changing. Our promise is that we will continue to monitor the effects COVID-19 is having on our families, communities and our home state of New York. We will remain agile so that we can continue to provide the best care possible. Together we will persevere to a better tomorrow.