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What is Business Insurance?

Building and owning a business is a labor of love - it takes passion as much as it takes sweat and tears. A Comprehensive Business Owner Policy (BOP) offers broad coverage and is designed to protect your business from almost everything life throws at it. From property damage and loss of business income to general liability suits and cyber threats, business insurance can provide you with peace of mind, so that you can focus on keeping your pride and joy running smoothly.

NYCM Insurance is proud to offer insurance coverage for over 200 classes of business, with a focus on "Main Street" business types including:

  • Office - Insurance Agents, Accountants, Medical Offices, Attorneys
  • Service - Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Funeral Homes, Tailors, Shoe Repair and Auctioneers
  • Retail - Clothing Stores, Furniture Stores, Antique Stores, Grocery and Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Florists, Liquor Stores
  • Restaurants - Delis, Bakeries, Fast Food, Coffee Shops, Casual Dining, Fine Dining
  • Building Owners - Commercial Tenants, Mix of Residential and Commercial Tenants
  • Residential Buildings - Apartment Buildings Over 4 Families*, Condominium Associations, Bed & Breakfasts

These are just a few examples of the many classes of business we cover.

* For owners of residential apartment buildings that are 4-families or less, we also offer specifically designed coverage through our Dwelling Fire and Highliner programs.

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Business Insurance with NYCM Insurance

We know New York - it's where we work, live and play. From the shores of Long Island to the peak of Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks, we're equipped to understand and handle the needs of New-York customers. Let's just say, we've seen a snowstorm or two in our day.

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How much does Business Insurance cost?

Because our business policies are personalized to your business's needs, cost varies from policy to policy. We take various factors into account when determining price, including location, property value, fire protection, deductible, sales and business type.

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Why Invest in Business Insurance?

While it may be required by a bank or landlord, investing in business insurance is a smart move no matter your situation. Building a business is no small feat - having a business insurance policy ensures you're doing everything in your power to protect everything you've worked to build.

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Additional Features

It's important to us that our customers feel as protected and prepared for the unexpected as possible. In addition to our basic business coverage, we're proud to offer cyber insurance, equipment breakdown coverage and broad building coverage. For many classes we are also able to offer professional liability coverage.

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How do I get Business Insurance?

At NYCM we make the process easy and personalized. Enter your ZIP code to find an agent near you and get a quote.

Stay in the Know

Interested in learning more about business insurance? Check out the NYCM Insurance Blog for additional tips and insurance know-how: