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Home plus auto equals multipolicy savings

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Multi Policy Discount Insurance Bundles

Simplify your life and combine all of your insurance policies in one place. Not only will it be easier to manage your car, home, renters, or umbrella policies, it will save you time, money and energy. The more insurance policies you have with NYCM Insurance the more you will save. You could receive up to a 25% discount off your premiums when you combine any of the following policies with your Automobile policy:

  • • Homeowners
  • • Renters
  • • Mobile Home
  • • Condominium

If you combine an Umbrella policy with your Auto and Home insurance bundle you can save an additional 10% for a total of up to 35% savings.



Automobile insurance is required in New York State. Don't just choose a policy because you have to, choose to have your car insured by a company that knows New York State best. NYCM Insurance offers great coverage options at affordable prices, supported by superior 24/7 customer service.



Know that we have your protection in mind. Your home will be protected with excellent coverages and your needs met with superior customer service available 24/7. Save up to 25% when you insure both your house and car together.



Don't be fooled... yes, you need it. When you rent an apartment, condo or home, the building is insured by the owner and that insurance policy covers the building owner. If you lose your personal possessions due to fire or some other disaster that occurs, they are not covered unless you have purchased a Renters policy. Renters policies can be very affordable too!


Car, House, and Buildings

We live in a litigious society and lawsuits can be very expensive. In the event of an accident, have you considered how you would pay for damages that may exceed the coverage provided by your home or auto policy? Adding an Umbrella policy can provide a minimum of $1,000,000 in additional Personal Liability Protection, above what your Automobile or Homeowner liability limits cover. Add Umbrella insurance to your current Home and Auto policies to save an additional 10% on your premiums.

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